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El Don de los Vinilos.jpg

The Vinyl Gentleman

Micro Documentary / 2022 / 05:00


El Don de los Vinilos is a brief portrait of a character named Otilio Soto, born in Baní, who at the age of 15 decided to move to Santo Domingo due to his fascination for the music scene. Life took him to Mella Avenue, where he has spent more than 25 years preserving an important part of local and international musical history.

Director's note

This was a special project, conceived by Casimente's Sebastián Cabrera and Juan Pablo Aparicio, who share an immense love for music and proposed me to join them for the realization of this micro-documentary, with the purpose of making Otilio's story known & raising funds in order to create a kiosk that lives up to his beautiful work.


Original idea: Sebastián Cabrera Chelin, Juan Pablo Aparicio Oliver

Production companies: Casimente, Cristal Cine

Directors: Sebastián Cabrera Chelin, Paula Cury Melo

Editing and colorization: Sebastián Cabrera Chelin

With the participation: Otilio Soto


SEPTIEMBRE 2022 - PRIEGO ESTUDIO - Estreno, Recaudación de fondos

Premiere screenings

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