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Cristal Cine is an independent film production company focused on the development of projects with social and cultural impact through new formal proposals.

At Cristal Cine, we believe in the power of stories as a tool for critical reflection, social transformation and human connection.


We are:


We constantly ask ourselves questions that we seek to resolve through the seventh art. What does it mean to be human? Why are cycles of injustice and inequality perpetuated, and what can we do about it? How can we better understand the world through stories?


A traditional production house focuses solely on producing films and content. However, our vocation and creative vision transcends these parameters-in addition to producing films, we offer workshops, talks, film forums, and various activities as part of our social and educational commitment. Often, we dare to address issues that for many are uncomfortable and move away from a cinema that merely seeks to be part of the roulette wheel of entertainment and mass consumption. In addition, our processes integrate alternative production, distribution and financing models to the traditional ones.


The background of our work is essentially based on portraying the human experience, from the individual to the collective. We are confident that, beyond the particularities of each story, what unites us is the experience of being alive and inhabiting this complex world, and above all, the ability to connect through emotions.

¿Why it's called Cristal Cine?

We seek to break the “glass ceiling” – a term coined from the field of psychology to refer to the “invisible barriers, difficult to cross, that represent the limits that women face in their professional careers, not because of a lack of preparation and capabilities, but by the institutional structure itself.

We seek to subvert the term “glass generation,” which typically refers disparagingly to a generation that is “easily offended.” However, we are not willing to tolerate harassment, violence, injustice, or discrimination. We are a generation that aims to generate changes and awareness. We are a generation that seeks to put an end to everything intolerable that has been normalized in past generations; What we do not tolerate is intolerance.

Glass as an element is versatile, transparent, and firm, characteristics that we seek to reflect in our cinema.

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