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Music video / 2019 / 03:53

Artists - Rituals of mine

Director's words

"We wanted to create a video that depicts the weight that grief imposes on anyone that experiences it; the ways in which we have to deconstruct, contort and carry grief with us in our day to day,” Lopez said in a statement released with the video. “We will all have to experience grief at some point in our lives, unfortunately. So, how do we learn how to cope? Grief never leaves you entirely but if you do the work and learn to move through it, you can see beyond it one day."



"At some point, everyone experiences grief in their lives. And in Ritual of Mine’s new video, the electronic duo want to show their fans what that can look like. 


For the video, Rituals of Mine teamed up with nonprofit production company Pitch Her Productions to create an inclusive, female-focused video. Directed by Domenica Garcia and Paula Cury, the video sees three womxn carrying their grief literally as large geometric shapes, attempting to not fall under the weight of their pain. But as the video progresses, their grief grows smaller as they come together and learn to live with their mourning." - December 12, 2019


Production company: Pitch Her Productions

Producer: Caitlin Morris

Producer: Paul Payabyab-Cruz Paul Payabyab-Cruz

Directors: Doménica García, Paula Cury

Director of Photography: Paula Cury 

Gaffer: Marine Brion 

Grip: Tatiana Rivera

Assistant Camera: Channing Wilson

Dancers: Doménica García 

          Erin Healani Chung

          McKenzie Dreher 

Hair & Make-up: Marie Claire Roussel

Art Director: Nia Bentham 

Wardrobe Supervisor: Kathleen Morris

Key Production Assistant: Joyah Love Spangler

Colorist: Diego Cordero

Editors: Paula Cury, Doménica García

Behind the scene

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