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Videodance / 2023 / 04:32


VIVIENTE is an audiovisual piece that explores the intrinsic relationship between blood, breath and the vitality of life. Videodance and cosmic soundscapes create an immersive and sensory experience, inviting us to reflect on the relationship between the elements of nature, consciousness and movement, to contemplate the world from the micro to the macro points of views, and to remember a truth that is often forgotten in the chores of everyday life: in this vast and chaotic universe, us living beings are fundamentally connected through energy

WhatsApp Image 2023-09-01 at 7.32.56 PM 2.JPEG


Executive Production, Concept & Talent: Ana María López

Production House: Cristal Cine

Production: Alexia Felipe, Paula Cury Melo

Script, Direction and Editing: Paula Cury Melo

Cinematography and Colorization: Angy de la Rosa

Direct Sound: Well Mejía

Sound Design: Rodolfo


FRENCH ALLIANCE - Solo Exhibition Ana María López - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (Premiere)

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